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FBI caught another terrorist

The FBI has arrested another terrorist before he could make his attack. It was an undercover FBI sting, an agent pretending to be an terrorist recruiter. The terrorist was planning on shooting every one at the capital the when finish shooting he was going to kill him self with a bomb vest. It’s only a matter of time folks that this happens all at one. Remember FBI & homeland security can’t catch them all. It might be up to you, be ready, be prepared, God bless


Top 5 guns for home defense

5 ) 12 gage shotgun
-devastating at close range
-semi- automatic version 3.5″ camber
– maximum stopping power
-3.5″00 buck shot she’ll at close range is more adequate for stopping any thing smaller than an elephant


4) glock 22
-very accurate
-very simple to use
-hardly ever jams
-capacity is 15 +1
Awesome gun to get


3) AK-57
Terrorists have them why can’t we?
-good accuracy up to 100 yards
– capacity 30+1 excellent
-recoil is ok not the best but still a great weapon for a war.


2) AR-15
– reliable weapon
– capacity 30+1
-generally includes 6 position adjustment stock
-recoil like a BB gun


1) FNX tactical 45, ACP
-it hits like a sledgehammer on steroids
-comes with three 15 round magazines
-very accurate weapon
-most reliable gun to own & best on the market


Now these are all HOME DEFENSE guns. So don’t be carrying them out side. The glock I can see carrying out side. If you want to carry a gun out try a small compact gun like a 380 taurus, Beretta nano which is what I’m going to carry. Don’t worry about the 45 caliber guns to carry out side. You need a less recoil weapon. So carry something light, leave the heavy guns inside. My top 3 guns would be shot gun, rifle & hand gun for an invasion. It’s hard to carry more than 3 guns but if you can make it happen then great for you. Be ready citizens

Terrorists invading the U.S.

A lot of you people think terrorists can’t invade the us. But they can….I’ll give you an example. Look at San Diego ,30 illegal
Immigrants stormed the beach….they all made it to the city. Just imagine there were 30 terrorists on that boat? All those people on the beach would have been killed. Then if they made it to the city? A lot of casualties would have happened in that city. If it is that easy for immigrants to do it then terrorists can invade us… ready people the war is coming


Terrorists released

Obama is a son of a bitch!!! A traitor!! He set terrorists free!! That’s right free!! So they can go back to there terrorists group & kill more people. This is supposed to be our leader, but no. He’s a traitor!! Should be convicted for treason! This why we have to take matters in our own hands people. Our so called president of the U.S. Don’t care. So when shit goes down he will be hiding in his bunker. While we fight this war. Thanks Obama


Citizens criticized law enforcement with military vehicles & weapons

A lot of people criticized the government giving military weapons & vehicles to law enforcement departments . Why would you people be upset with that? “Oh they don’t need armored vehicles” ” they don’t need high power rifles” “these are police not solider” well you are wrong people! The police are city soldiers! They are fighting a war too! To the people who say “why do they need that”! Let’s go back to the Boston Marathon bombing. Look what officers had to fight?! Terrorists!! Who had weapons & bombs! As the police were chasing these terrorists they were throwing home made pipe bombs at their vehicles! If shit goes down (terrorist attack) in the us , the police will be our first line of defense. So please support the law enforcement with these military supplies. Don’t bash it, don’t hate on it. It’s for all of our protection. Remember this, if the police goes down then it’s up to us to fight…..then you’ll be wanting those military supplies for yourself….


More terrorists training in USA

Remember how I said terrorists are training here in the us? It’ has been confirmed 19 paramilitary Muslims have been training here in the us. The source where I got this news from does not list where they are training. We know one for sure is in New York. See people they are here, they are preparing for war! Are you? Well you need to be, tomorrow could be it. We could go to war any time! These demons could be your state, in your city! Keep both eyes open people, you see something report it, Rather be safe than sorry. Tomorrow I will blog on what kind of weapons would be best bet to fight a war. The terrorists will have them, so you better have them too. Be safe my American people! God bless


Self defense

Hello good people sorry I didn’t write anything yesterday night, I was busy at work. So today I’m going to talk about self defense, now when self defense comes to mind do don’t not think about MMA, ( mixed martial arts) , Brazilian jujitsu, or karate. Those fighting styles are not self defense, they are for a combat sport. Such as cage fighting, or submission tournaments. The self defense I’m talking about is where you kill or cripple your attacker. There are self defense methods out there like Krav Maga (military hand to hand combat) attack proof , target focus training & many other but I’m going to cover these because I’ve studied them. Krav Maga is great to learn, it’s an Israel military hand to hand combat. It’s really popular in the usa. Target focus training is more brutal, it’s pretty much kill your attacker. Only thing is there not much to learn about target focus training. There’s only 2 books, very few videos. Now attack proof I thinks it’s one of the best. There’s multiple videos & books. My advice get the books & watch the videos. Learning all of them would be your best bet but it’s up to you. They all have in common is kill your opponent before he kills you. “Kill or be killed”
Be safe, be prepared, be ready. God bless

Survival items you need

Planning for disasters, it could be anything. Terrorists attacks, invasions, weather disaster hell even a zombie apocalypse. First tip always have a small backpack in your car. It’s called “get home bag”. If you are stuck in a city when disaster hits and have to abandon your car, the small backpack in the trunk of your car can help you survive for a short period of time. Even if you have to walk 50 miles to get home, at least it gives you a chance to survive. Items you need in the backpack
-bottled water
-portable Walter filter. Life straw is great item to have
-a small radio with batteries
-extra clothing
-a canvas tarp
– a good knife or machete even both would do
-a lighter
-candle and fire starter
-weapon for self defense (guns, bear pepper spray, Bowie knife) all these will do
-good shoes
-state map
-2 extra large heavy duty garbage bags

Now that’s covered say you make it home now what? Pack a bigger bag called “bug out bag” now this bag needs to be much larger. Your bug out bag should have Enough food, water for the next 7-10 days . This bag should be used for a multi day hike. I’m not going to name every thing you need in this bag I’ll post couple of pictures to give you ideas.

Be safe, be prepared, be ready God bless



Paris terrorists had connections with other terrorists

Paris should be on high alert witch most likely they are. The 4 terrorists who opened fire in Paris had connections with 3 other terrorists including terrorist group AL Qaeda. 3 male terrorists were killed in Paris, the other one who is a female ,escaped. International investigators concluded these terrorists did not act alone. They were involved in something bigger. We don’t know what that is just yet. This could be just the begging of attacks for Paris or any other country. Be aware, be alert, be ready. God bless

Breaking news

Several terrorists were killed in anti- terror operation. 4 terrorists in Belgium had a fire fight with police, 3 terrorists were shot & the other 1 was arrested. Little details at this point but 3 dead terrorists is great news to me!! I will post more updates when I know more details. God bless!!