Top 5 guns for home defense

5 ) 12 gage shotgun
-devastating at close range
-semi- automatic version 3.5″ camber
– maximum stopping power
-3.5″00 buck shot she’ll at close range is more adequate for stopping any thing smaller than an elephant


4) glock 22
-very accurate
-very simple to use
-hardly ever jams
-capacity is 15 +1
Awesome gun to get


3) AK-57
Terrorists have them why can’t we?
-good accuracy up to 100 yards
– capacity 30+1 excellent
-recoil is ok not the best but still a great weapon for a war.


2) AR-15
– reliable weapon
– capacity 30+1
-generally includes 6 position adjustment stock
-recoil like a BB gun


1) FNX tactical 45, ACP
-it hits like a sledgehammer on steroids
-comes with three 15 round magazines
-very accurate weapon
-most reliable gun to own & best on the market


Now these are all HOME DEFENSE guns. So don’t be carrying them out side. The glock I can see carrying out side. If you want to carry a gun out try a small compact gun like a 380 taurus, Beretta nano which is what I’m going to carry. Don’t worry about the 45 caliber guns to carry out side. You need a less recoil weapon. So carry something light, leave the heavy guns inside. My top 3 guns would be shot gun, rifle & hand gun for an invasion. It’s hard to carry more than 3 guns but if you can make it happen then great for you. Be ready citizens