Citizens criticized law enforcement with military vehicles & weapons

A lot of people criticized the government giving military weapons & vehicles to law enforcement departments . Why would you people be upset with that? “Oh they don’t need armored vehicles” ” they don’t need high power rifles” “these are police not solider” well you are wrong people! The police are city soldiers! They are fighting a war too! To the people who say “why do they need that”! Let’s go back to the Boston Marathon bombing. Look what officers had to fight?! Terrorists!! Who had weapons & bombs! As the police were chasing these terrorists they were throwing home made pipe bombs at their vehicles! If shit goes down (terrorist attack) in the us , the police will be our first line of defense. So please support the law enforcement with these military supplies. Don’t bash it, don’t hate on it. It’s for all of our protection. Remember this, if the police goes down then it’s up to us to fight…..then you’ll be wanting those military supplies for yourself….