Self defense

Hello good people sorry I didn’t write anything yesterday night, I was busy at work. So today I’m going to talk about self defense, now when self defense comes to mind do don’t not think about MMA, ( mixed martial arts) , Brazilian jujitsu, or karate. Those fighting styles are not self defense, they are for a combat sport. Such as cage fighting, or submission tournaments. The self defense I’m talking about is where you kill or cripple your attacker. There are self defense methods out there like Krav Maga (military hand to hand combat) attack proof , target focus training & many other but I’m going to cover these because I’ve studied them. Krav Maga is great to learn, it’s an Israel military hand to hand combat. It’s really popular in the usa. Target focus training is more brutal, it’s pretty much kill your attacker. Only thing is there not much to learn about target focus training. There’s only 2 books, very few videos. Now attack proof I thinks it’s one of the best. There’s multiple videos & books. My advice get the books & watch the videos. Learning all of them would be your best bet but it’s up to you. They all have in common is kill your opponent before he kills you. “Kill or be killed”
Be safe, be prepared, be ready. God bless