Survival items you need

Planning for disasters, it could be anything. Terrorists attacks, invasions, weather disaster hell even a zombie apocalypse. First tip always have a small backpack in your car. It’s called “get home bag”. If you are stuck in a city when disaster hits and have to abandon your car, the small backpack in the trunk of your car can help you survive for a short period of time. Even if you have to walk 50 miles to get home, at least it gives you a chance to survive. Items you need in the backpack
-bottled water
-portable Walter filter. Life straw is great item to have
-a small radio with batteries
-extra clothing
-a canvas tarp
– a good knife or machete even both would do
-a lighter
-candle and fire starter
-weapon for self defense (guns, bear pepper spray, Bowie knife) all these will do
-good shoes
-state map
-2 extra large heavy duty garbage bags

Now that’s covered say you make it home now what? Pack a bigger bag called “bug out bag” now this bag needs to be much larger. Your bug out bag should have Enough food, water for the next 7-10 days . This bag should be used for a multi day hike. I’m not going to name every thing you need in this bag I’ll post couple of pictures to give you ideas.

Be safe, be prepared, be ready God bless