ISIS recruiting & training kids

Good after noon. This topic is hard to write about, I’ll tell you why. These kids I seen training with terrorists were so young. Ages between 4-15 all the kids had assault rifles, holding up the Isis flag, & having their leader teaching them hand to hand combat. The reason why this is hard to write about is because these kids will die. Not only that, we might go to war with kids. How could any one shoot a kid? Could you? That’s the Isis strategy they are using to make us freeze. Say a group of 5 kids that look innocent come to America & start shooting random people. Say you are there, you have a gun, & gun permit. Can you shoot each one? With out freezing? It would be really hard but that’s why Isis is recruiting kids. To make it harder for us to take them out. We must over come the fact that they are kids, we need to see them as terrorists. Don’t hold nothing back, don’t let there strategy fool you. Be safe, have a plan, be ready. God bless